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Atlanta Protest: July 7

Outraged Immigrants Protest Outside of Georgia State Capitol

Outraged and disappointed immigrants gathered outside of the Georgia State Capitol to protest a Supreme Court’s decision that blocked a plan that would’ve shielded millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally from deportation.

Story :Brandi Montgomery

Photos : Brelaun Douglas

Finishing Fence of Slain Baltimore Father Becomes Cause

Kendal Fenwick, 24 of Baltimore,  wanted to build a fence around his backyard so that his children would have a safe space to play away from drugs and drug dealers. For this, police said, he was gunned down outside of his home becoming the city’s 295th murder victim.  Community members, leaders and Baltimore police came together on a Sunday morning, some straight from church still in their Sunday’s best, to make Fenwick’s dream a reality and complete what he started.

Story by Briahnna Brown

Photos by Brelaun Douglas