METRO SCENE – Tyler Perry “House of Payne” star creates OnePlate America “for the Kids”

“Keri and I have the same heart when it comes to helping people and serving people. But we are different people. If he says its daylight, I say it’s night; it usually is night. I like traditional food. Keri likes traditional food and everything else, all other kinds of food. So we were at this fabulous event and he was the gentlemen that he is and he asked me to sit down and that he was going to go and get our plates. He comes back with one plate, all of our food on it: My food in the middle and all the different kinds of foods that he likes in one plate. And that is the first time we had the discussion about OnePlate,” says Cassandra “Cassi” Davis, the actress who appeared in Tyler Perry’s sitcom “House of Payne.”

OnePlate America is a nonprofit organization created by the actress, to inspire and enlighten youth across the country. “OnePlate America is an organization designed to bridge the cap between education and life experiences for youth nationwide,” said Davis at a ceremony for OnePlate on November 18 in Washington, D.C. “We will give them access, we will enhance their opportunities, and we will give them increased exposure to diverse experiences. We will bring the classroom to life.”

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