D.C. Spotlight Newspaper

METRO SCENE – TransElated: Breaking new ground in fashion and culture

METRO SCENE – Tyler Perry “House of Payne” star creates OnePlate America “for the Kids”

Legendary Author and Poet Maya Angelou dies at 86

METROLINK – Puff Daddy to deliver Howard U. commencement, despite objections

IN THE SPOTLIGHT WITH WENDY THOMPSON – Jennie Forehand: Beloved State Senator retires, leaves behind a smoke-free Maryland and more

MY STORY – Life after the Olympics: A lesson in sports and business

Top 10 List of the Most Interesting People – Brett Burch: A 9-year-old D.C. businessman talks about Obama and great aspirations

Top 10 List of the Most Interesting People – Kaylee Dobbins: 10-year-old’s program gives helping hand through “Jolly Good Deeds”

Winston Groom, author of “Forrest Gump,” talks “Aviators” in new book

METRO SCENE – Howard University president addresses campus shooting and coming changes

METRO SCENE – Facebook’s Sandberg discusses gender inequality at Howard U, launches initiative

METRO LINK – Z-Burger: 15,800 Free burgers to furloughed worker, setting a national trend

METRO SCENE – Gray: “Yes” to Wal-Mart, residents refuse low wages




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